Friday, March 18, 2011

FDIC 2011

It's been almost a year since the last FDIC and we are back in town to do it again...

Welcome to the Fire Engineering Blog Network. This network was established to create an environment in which to opine, train and share ideas amongst the vast fire service and the Fire Engineering Network. The network consists of Pennwell's fire publications and websites and allows us to discuss the goings-on within the network and elsewhere - and there's a lot going on these days...

Regardless of the current situation in your town and fire department, respectively, it's FDIC time and is the time of year to come together to bring these opinions, training and ideas to one specific town: Indianapolis. We hope you are able to come this year and we look forward to seeing everybody soon. There's more going on here this year and it's going to be a busy week. Urban Firefighter Magazine, Ray and I have a busy week: Saturday and Sunday are set-up days for the premier of Urban Essentials, a hands-on-training class. This new class will introduce and review some new high-rise firefighting tools to combat wind-driven fires and several other skill-sets that our 'urban' firefighters will encounter: Flat and peaked-roof ventilation; forcible-entry on the 'C' or number 3 side of buildings; and the methods to overcome VPS windows.

The instructors we have lined-up for the Urban Essentials class come from some of the most elite companies in the towns they're from: FDNY, Camden, Milwaukee, Boston and Detroit. Ray and I are proud of the team we've put together and I promise you they will deliver!

Sunday: we are also filming some segments for Fire Engineering's Training Minutes.'Look for some great videos demonstrating some of the skill-sets from our hands-on class as well as other topics unique to the 'urban' firefighter.

Monday and Tuesday: It's showtime...

Wednesday: Ray will be hosting the first show for the new Fire Engineering Talk Radio in the Fire Engineering Network booth. Come by around noon to watch what's going on and look for the call-in information to be announced soon. I'll be there to discuss some of the goings-on with Urban Firefighter Magazine, the blog network and other things.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Come by the Urban Firefighter Booth after stopping by the Fire Engineering booth to pick up your UFM t-shirts. Stock is limited so come by quick!

Friday: Robert Halton, Editor and Chief, Fire Engineering and I will be doing another radio show in the Fire Engineering booth at noon. We will recap the week and discuss what's in store for the near future.

As always, look for us and the 'Urban Gang' at the usual hangouts after the show each day hanging out with the usual suspects. We look forward to seeing everybody!